Monday, February 18, 2013

This is a sample of the work i can do. Ive finally got something going at last that is actually animation. Enjoy! :) Episode 1 TUrdiffic TRoubLe! I You HE she? Part 1 I You HE she? Part 2 SHIT FACE STRIKES EM DEAD!! Myhagra! The Mighty Moxy Man Maker! Got cut short due to memory limits. Supposed to have been an A Card. Myhagra! Second tv spot. Henerietta Peckerwood!! Flippity Flip Flap Flopper Performing LIVE! JIMMMMMMY eat yo' BEEF ROASTT!!! Familys Fried Chicken Spot. Fake comercials! Gotta love em! Why? Because "they" say so!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Friday, July 29, 2011

Moe Drawins I done scrawled up yall!

Another idea i have.

Outward manifestation perhaps?

I drew this junior year.

A weird scene from my minds eye.

Idk what i was thinking when i came up with this.

Just a quick concept that i had.

My old High schools mascot.

Just pay attention to spongebob! Ignore everything else. They were rough sketches but i slaved over the spongebob drawing.

Well folks he pissed his pants! So what!

Monday, July 11, 2011

 ME as a freakin zombie.
 Well I finally put color with something! Yay! It sucks but its about time I stood up and fought my excuses!!!

When i started this last year it took FOREVER! I sat there and filled every square with a ballpoint pen!
 Me in a bad attempt at drawing from "LIFE" and whut i "SEE"!

 This is another spiral from the same year as the other one! Why was i doing these?
 These last 2 are just some random sketches....

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Some of my Crap.

 These are a few of the many backgrounds ive been working on Ill add more when I am able however my computer and scanner have been acting weird lately and so i havent had the chance to upload even a small majority of my work.
 This ones backwards I KNOW! Its the scanners fault not mine. Ill burn it alive for that! MUwahHAhA!!!

 The inspiration for what i do comes from within mostly. I just let my mind go unchecked and I bleed out my ideas onto a piece of paper from my escence within.
 This is a character design I did. Thats more of what Im interested in doing. I can do backgrounds however its not really my passion like working on stories or just plain designing characters would be.
None of these pictures are in color however when i work in color i want to do it right and because of our budget right now that oppritunity has not yet been possible.