Monday, February 18, 2013

This is a sample of the work i can do. Ive finally got something going at last that is actually animation. Enjoy! :) Episode 1 TUrdiffic TRoubLe! I You HE she? Part 1 I You HE she? Part 2 SHIT FACE STRIKES EM DEAD!! Myhagra! The Mighty Moxy Man Maker! Got cut short due to memory limits. Supposed to have been an A Card. Myhagra! Second tv spot. Henerietta Peckerwood!! Flippity Flip Flap Flopper Performing LIVE! JIMMMMMMY eat yo' BEEF ROASTT!!! Familys Fried Chicken Spot. Fake comercials! Gotta love em! Why? Because "they" say so!

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